If not now; when? (Supplement)

As a supplement to my earlier post today — If not now; when?

(And a post from late Jan. The Interventionist Solution?)

These graphs are from a report on the Salmon Enhancement Advisory Board (SEHAB) website completed by Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in the early 2000s.

Pacific Salmon Hatcheries in British Columbia

And yet, in 2003, major hatcheries in BC released over 12 million coho fry. Plus another 2.5 million from community development programs. And another 3.8 million fry from Public Involvement Programs.

Great return on investment… catch has edged back up to over 200,000 in recent years; however all from the north.

Over 41 million Chinook fry released from major hatcheries. Almost 7.5 million from Community Development Projects and over 4 million from Public Involvement Programs.

If you’re curious, since 1999, the total catch of Chinook has continued to dwindle with less than 130,000 caught last year commercially and over half of those from the North Coast and further north.

Does anyone see a problem here?

Let me guess… we will continue with the line that overfishing is not the problem…?

Or maybe it’s more complex — we didn’t slow down our fishing when productivity started to tank?

This is otherwise known as sacrificing the future for the demands of today…

I ask again: If not now; when?

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