when environmental organizations become meaningless and pathetic

Apparently, the other day a “historic agreement signifying a new era of Joint leadership in the Boreal Forest” was signed between environmental groups and the logging industry in Canada. You can click the link in the last sentence to read the fancy, expensive PR-firm bullshit-version of the agreement with fancy maps and pictures of lots of guys in suits shaking hands — or if you like you can read part of the actual agreement (Canadian Boreal Forest_leak) that was leaked and can’t be found anywhere on the fancy PR website.

(update: here’s full 71-page agreement CBFA Final)

Gee, ain’t this “transparent”… when the actual agreement can’t be read… smells a bit fishy (pardon the pun) like the Afghan detainee documents fiasco, which apparently aren’t fit for public consumption (just a select few folks…)

Let me be clear on this… what an absolute piece of shit — joke of an agreement.

If for any reason I was an individual who donated to the nine environmental organizations involved (which I don’t — for this very reason), I’d be yanking my funding and sending it to the nearest homeless shelter, or Oxfam, or otherwise.

Not only is the agreement full of empty bumpf languageecosystem-based planning, adaptive management, and so on; I’d be curious to know when environmental groups were granted some sort of rights to the land-base which allows them to launch a bullshit PR campaign that suggests to the general public that everything is good in woods.

bullshit bumpf... if I've ever heard it

Not to mention that this agreement is largely focussed on one animal — caribou. And the fact that neither environmental organizations or the industry groups involved consulted First Nations on this agreement.

(oh yeah… we’ll include First Nations “later”… hmm, where have I heard that before…)

This is becoming a rather dangerous operating practice for environmental organizations — running around with funding from U.S. philanthropic organizations (otherwise known as “foundation puppies”) largely ignoring First Nation government and organizations (of course some environmental organization executive or donor will jump on this post citing all their great agreements with indigenous organizations…)

the true purpose.

What’s the true purpose of this mass PR campaign:

“…Recognition in the marketplace…”

And what are we talking about here in terms of actual area.

Well… here’s the agreement map:

Curious how the entire Boreal Forest of Canada is in gray… doesn’t really show up all that well.

Here’s a more colorful map of the Boreal Forest region in Canada:

So this “agreement” is actually quite a small portion of the forest…

more comments to come…

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