Bullshit Bumpf-word Bingo

I have prepared (below) a playing card for bullshit bumpf-word bingo for the next round of wild-salmon-related ‘consultations’, ‘meetings’, ‘strategic planning session’, ‘break-out session’, ‘brainstorming session’, etc.

Bumpf-word bingo is a version of buzzword bingo. You may know the game or have played it before. As you sit through a session, event, or ghad-awful PowerPoint presentation(s), you black out the bumpf-word on your playing card as you hear the word. The goal is to tick off a row and then yell “Bingo!”… or “Bullshit!”.

As it suggests on Wikipedia “Buzzword bingo is generally played in situations where audience members feel that the speaker, in an effort to mask a lack of actual knowledge, is just spouting off a bunch of buzzwords rather than providing information or ideas of actual value.”

Now I want to be fair. There are a lot of hard-working and intelligent individuals involved in the discussion around how we look after wild salmon – however, like any ‘club’, a common language develops and anyone on the outside feels like the new kid at school trying to fit in.

Maybe this bullshit bumpf bingo card could help lighten things up…. download it to your Blackberry, PDA or other electronic device. (oh wait, you should probably have your Blackberry turned off in a meeting.)






stewardship conservation implementation plans ecosystem objectives variables
sustainability ecosystem restoration benchmarks policy
strategic planning biodiversity transparency best practices safeguard
performance indicators extirpation establish linkages baseline monitoring ecosystem integrity
comprehensive escapement data management adaptive management framework

4 thoughts on “Bullshit Bumpf-word Bingo

  1. LAL

    I found a book by a scientist that speaks english. It seems that you (and him) have the right idea to translate english into english. Sounds funny but really we just want to know what we need to know and understanding it the first time takes the guesswork out of things. Certainly we don’t all carry around two different sets of dictionaries (who would carry one?).

  2. salmonguy

    oh, i’m sure there’s an iPhone app for that – or something… But then maybe I could get someone to create a Bumpf-word Bingo card for iPhones or Blackberry.

  3. LAL

    Confines of the defines:

    The Brundtland Report says that economic development cannot stop, but it must change course to fit within the planet’s ecological limits. The report also popularized the term sustainable development, which it defined as “development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” ( Bruntland Report, p. 43). The problem with this definition is that it can be used to justify almost any economic activity one desires.

    While many proponents of sustainable development think of it a three-legged stool with the three legs being the environment, the economy, and society, sustainable development really has only two fundamental components: the human development component and the ecosystem component (TRU Text).

    Why does it have to be so comlicated…

  4. LAL

    Confines of the defines II

    Sustainability is about living and working in ways that meet and integrate existing environmental, economic and social needs without compromising the well-being of future generations. The transition to sustainable development benefits today’s society and builds a more secure future for our children. (http://www.sustreport.org/)

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