Cohen Commission on Fraser Sockeye

The other day I drew these cartoons before the Cohen Commission of inquiry into Fraser River sockeye declines released the discussion paper “Issues that the Commission intends to investigate” today.

Fisheries & Oceans (DFO) evidence for Cohen Commission

Meanwhile back at DFO headquarters: Planning to Plan about the Plan

Opening hearings begin next week in Vancouver.

There are some positives in the paper; for example the Commission intends to travel to Fraser River communities:

The commission plans to conduct public forums in several coastal and Fraser River communities for the purpose of hearing from members of the public on the issues the Commissioner is mandated to consider.

There is also rumblings of a serious look inside the machinations of the multi-thousands of employee Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans.

And even some “site” visits:

The Commissioner plans to visit various sites that are important to some aspect of the Fraser River sockeye salmon fishery, and to video record site visits, if possible.

I suppose… we’ll see…

I think it might be safely suggested that there is some serious “turd polishing” going on within some DFO departments.

… or at least some strategic planning and PowerPoint presentations about what grit cloth might be used for the polishing…

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