that was then… this is then…

At a recent meeting discussing issues around salmon a First Nations leader commented to me:

“you know… in the mid 1990s, I attended lots of meetings like this… not much happened; so I stopped going…

“…it’s like I fell asleep for about 15 years and woke up at today’s meeting… not much has changed and we’re still discussing many of the same things… there’s just less salmon…”

Sadly, this statement is quite true in many ways… here we are putting lots of stock into ‘another’ judicial inquiry into salmon. Yet, it’s an inquiry that has been mandated specifically to: “not find fault”.

Great… more recommendations for changes.

I don’t like being a cynic; however, there are no shortage of examples of “recommendations” gathering dust on a shelf, while we humans continue to make the same errors, over and over and over…

Here’s a brilliant example in relation to BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the oil spill that occurred in late May on the Alaskan North Slope Trans-Alaska pipeline¬† owned 47% by BP…(thanks for the forward)… this is pretty fricking unbelievable.

Flashback to 1979 when an oil well blew out in the Gulf of Mexico (in 200 ft of water) and leaked tens of thousands of barrels oil every day for months on end. Owner of the platform… a company now called Transocean… same company that owned the platform that blew out this year.

Same pathetic ideas to stop the disaster… exact same recommendation: Relief Wells.

Just watch this MSNBC news commentary… it’s a headshaker…

will we ever learn?

(more on this stream tomorrow)

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