what a schmozzle!?

In-season forecasts for Fraser sockeye continue to climb, climb, climb… Last year pre-season was high; in-season reality was disastrously low. This year pre-season forecast low (manipulated computer models to make it so); in-season reality substantially higher than pre-season forecast.

Early Summer pre-season forecast = ~760,000… In-season is now 2.9 million.

Summers pre-season forecast = ~2.6 million… In-season is now at 4 million.

Late summers pre-season forecast = ~8 million… In-season is creeping up, now at 8.5 million.

Yup… good thing we know what’s going on out there….

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On another note, former DFO scientist Otto Langer has resigned from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) committee due to the MSC’s decision to “eco-certify” Fraser sockeye fisheries.

Richmond biologist quits MSC over sockeye certification

There is reference to the work of the Cohen Commission — e.g. the decision by the MSC to certify undermines the Commission. Funnily enough, from what I understand of the MSC they have a policy that suggests they won’t intervene or make decisions on fisheries that are subjects of court proceedings or things like public inquiries….

Ah well… I guess policies are just ‘guidelines’… like the Wild Salmon Policy… or the BC bike helmet law…

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I do feel for Justice Cohen… ridiculous timelines; rushed priorities; disbanded scientific panel; resignations, etc… Maybe we’ll get a federal election call in the middle of this as well…

Should be some interesting public hearings… granted folks only get 10 minutes…

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