like salmon, like horses…

salmon "management"?

Related to a post the other day: Fisheries management is not about “managing” the fish… it’s about managing us.

“Management” means: “The act, manner, or practice of managing; handling, supervision, or control.”

Now if we look at the roots of this word it comes from Italian maneggiare “to control, train (especially horses)”. This evolved from Latin manus: hand.

The cartoon isn’t to suggest that horse trainers necessarily treat horses this way… however, some might.

I have always found the term “management” in relation to ‘natural resource management’ or ‘fisheries management’ or ‘ecosystem-based management’ — the most bizarre of terms.

Humans are simply part of the system; not over and above it.

Even in human systems, such as businesses, government, or otherwise — terms like ‘strategic management’ or ‘human resources management’ are still rather bizarre.

bizarre, bizarre…

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