Ignorance can be an advantage…

If I may, let me share a couple great little tidbits I got from a free e-book What Matters Now at Seth Godin’s website.

First, from Mark Rovner (pg 66):

Heart – engage your community from a place of
passion and compassion. Facts matter less.

Simplicity – if you can’t tell your brand story to a 9-
year-old it’s no good.

Story – the root of all.

And from Aaron Walls (pg 58):

Ignorance can be an advantage, and feedback an
incredibly useful tool. It allows you to share the
journey, which helps make writing accessible to beginners. And it allows you the courage to do things you would not do if you waited until you already knew everything, especially because as you learn more, you learn how much you don’t know.

My hope would be that folks engaged in wild salmon discussions could really ponder this diagram. Unfortunately, a lot of the discussion that shapes “policy” and “salmon management” has been at the last two steps of this triangle – and yet – exactly as stated – as we learn more, we learn how much we don’t know.

This will never change when it comes to natural systems… So what do we do in the meantime?

Why not empower the whole diagram?

If I can’t explain a wild salmon policy to a 9-year old – a.k.a. “beginner” (of which I will have two in less than six years) – it’s no good.

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