Salmon in London?

Came across this news article on Bloomberg about Atlantic salmon in the River Thames in London.

Salmon Do U-Turn in River Thames Until Sewers Fixed

“Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) — Twenty thousand juvenile salmon were released in a River Thames tributary outside London last year to see if they would migrate to sea and return home to breed. Only three came back.

Sewage spilling into the river that bisects Europe’s financial capital may be the reason…”

Apparently salmon have not been in the River Thames for almost 180 years – I guess the “32 million cubic meters of waste flow into the river a year” poses some challenges. There are now multi-billion dollar plans in order to try and build tunnels under the river and tributaries to deal with the sewage overflow problem.

The article describes how in 1858 British Parliament was disrupted due to the “Great Stink” emanating from the river…

180 years of no salmon, hmmmm

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