The Wild Salmon Cycle

Included here is the brochure created for the ride and handed out to over a thousand people along the way: roadside rest areas, campgrounds, public talks, schools, and wherever else I ran into people. I have also included various newspaper articles and other fun artifacts from the trip.

The purpose of the journey:

  • meeting and promoting community groups and individuals dedicated to wild salmon conservation and stewardship throughout the North American range of Pacific salmon,
  • supporting the formation of new groups and individual efforts for the conservation of wild salmon,
  • speaking at public forums, municipal halls, schools, colleges, universities, kitchen tables, and with anyone who cares to listen, and
  • mobilizing a strong powerful voice for wild salmon conservation.

In 2002, I was awarded a Canadian Environmental Award from Canadian Geographic and Environment Canada.

Here are some articles and artifacts (apologies for the sideways view on some – go to “View” in the menu then down to “rotate view” and rotate counterclockwise and then zoom in):

Leg 1_Inuvik Drum_Aug 3_2001

Canadian Geographic article_Between Leg 1 and 2

Leg 2_Yukon News_Apr 3_2002

Between Leg 2 and Leg 3_Haida Gwaii_Oct and Nov_2002

Between Leg 2 and Leg 3_Public Talk with Finbarr Donnelly_Haida Gwaii_Dec 5_2002

Leg 3_Yukon News Aug 25_2003

Leg 3_Haida Gwaii_QCI Observer Sept 11_2003

After Leg 3_Prince Rupert Daily News_Public talk_Oct 23_2003

After Leg 3_Poster_WWF Speakers Series_Prince Rupert_Oct 23 2003

Thank you cards_Grade 5 and 6 class_Smithers BC_Oct 2005

Leg 1 Article from the Klondike Sun in Dawson City August 2001:

Leg 1 Dawson City, YT Klondike Sun Aug. 2001

3 thoughts on “The Wild Salmon Cycle

  1. Cat Koehn

    Hi, David! Gee, I am SO impressed with your Salmon Awareness Campaign. I just wanted to tell you how hopeful your efforts have made me about there being a chance that we can save the Salmon.
    I have just started a new environmental non-profit ‘Artists4Action’ and our very first Action Project is to “Save the Salmon”. We have many of the same goals you had in starting your inspirational journey, so just wanted to say ‘THANKS’ for standing up for the Salmon!
    We are going to follow in your footsteps and bring national attention to the steps that must be taken in order to really save the Salmon. Please keep up your valiant efforts! & We’ll keep trying down here! Cat Koehn/Director ‘Artists4Action’
    -‘EXTINCTION is NOT an option’!

  2. salmon guy Post author

    many thanks for leaving the comment Cat and good luck on your project.

    Not sure in your travels and work if you’ve come across the practices of “popular education” and “popular theatre”. The term “popular” is meant more for the populace, as opposed to the more common meaning. Some folks have done some pretty neat stuff with the theatre to communicate their messages.

    all the best and keep at it.

  3. Claudia

    I’m afraid to say “I’m a jewelry designer” in this blog but I will continue with my post, only because one day I didn’t ignore the dirty truth about silver and gold mining. Well, here is a jewelry designer who can survive without damaging nature and water, and I hope in the future all my peers would see, hear and understand this issue, its a simple decision to make if you are hungry …what do you prefer for dinner, Salmon or Gold? and if you are thirsty …. do you prefer to drink water or silver ?

    What about if one day you find that you have a golden dinner plate but no food to put on it, or if you have a silver glass but no clean water to drink.
    Here is the truth then, if you want to find why there are so many toxic chemicals in rivers, you should call all the Gold Mining Corporations based in Vancouver, they sure have an explanation about where this toxic chemicals like cyanide are dropped in rivers, they may also explain the process of Gold Cyanidation.

    How could we stop this “Gold; Silver mining exploitation and exploration? very simple Don’t buy gold or silver jewelry. then you will find that rivers are clean enough to catch healthy salmon, then may be you would have wild salmon for dinner tonight.

    Good luck to everybody: You, Me, Water, Salmon, Earth planet, Your little daughter, we all are water, we all are one, there are no boundaries in time or space.

    By the way, I love your drawings !!

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