New free e-book published on this site May 2011:

1 Fish, 2 Fish: Do you really want to know about Maximum Sustainable Yield?


I have two books I intend to self publish in May 2011:

  1. My journals from The Wild Salmon Cycle (these are complete); and
  2. My salmon stories – the story behind The Wild Salmon Cycle and some suggestions for change in how wild salmon are cared for.

I have a strong desire to make a living through writing, speaking, and teaching¬† — combined with my passion for wild salmon. As well as continuing what I started almost ten years ago establishing The Wild Salmon Conservancy and setting out on The Wild Salmon Cycle.

My draft plan is to get out on the road this spring and summer — re-tracing some of The Wild Salmon Cycle route (NWT, Yukon, Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, and California) to market and sell these books, continue adding to this blog, start documenting the multitude of salmon stories throughout the range of Pacific salmon, and connecting and re-connecting with the thousands of people out there intimately connected with wild salmon throughout their historic range.

I intend to market the book through some of the standard channels (e.g. book stores); however, I am most looking forward to meeting with individuals and organizations involved in wild salmon related initiatives — as well as speak in any public forum (schools, universities, halls, kitchen tables, etc.) that is interested.

I am also fishing for a title (pardon the pun) so please email me or make a comment.

4 thoughts on “Books

  1. Apayo Moore

    Hey, I just so happened to come upon your site when I googled salmon floats. The Alaska Youth for Environmental Action designated Feb. 26 this year as Wild Salmon day for the Fur Rondy Festival in Anchorage, and people around Alaska are organizing small events to support them. Either way, I’m sure you must have heard of Pebble Mine by now, since you seem to be into salmon, and it jeopardizes Bristol Bay, the largest wild salmon fishery in the world… Anyway, I’m from Bristol Bay and have been involved with the salmon lifestyle for as long as I can remember and I was happy to come upon your site and have been enjoying reading through your posts.


  2. salmon guy Post author

    thanks very much for the comment, glad you’ve enjoyed the read. Please feel free to send along any info from your neck of the woods. I was up that way a few years back when I was riding my bike. Beautiful part of the world. And yes, the Pebble mine proposal is something else…

    talk to you again.

  3. salmon guy Post author

    thanks Gerald,
    good point. i’d been assuming that I thought I had a contact widget or otherwise… but you’re right I don’t. Thanks for that.
    the best email to reach me at is

    I’ll make sure to add that in an easy spot to find… and maybe it’s in the comments sections where it’s accessible….
    always appreciate the links and thanks for visiting.

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