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My name is David Loewen. I grew up on on Haida Gwaii – formerly referred to as the Queen Charlotte Islands – off the coast of British Columbia. Salmon have been a pretty steady influence in my life; from early years growing up on the Tlell River to several years of salmon habitat restoration and reclamation, advocacy, and inventory-related work on Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island.

In 2001, a little tired and frustrated with the status-quo and highly polarized debates surrounding how we relate with salmon –  I set out on a 10,000 km bicycle trip – The Wild Salmon Cycle – between Inuvik, NWT and Los Angeles, CA.

2001 Border between NWT and Yukon

In 2002, I was awarded a Canadian Environmental Award from Canadian Geographic and Environment Canada.

In 2003 I completed the trip by riding into Victoria, BC. The ride was completed in three separate legs.

  • Leg 1: NWT, Yukon, and Alaska;
  • Leg 2: California, Oregon, and Washington;
  • Leg 3: Yukon and BC.

I currently live in in the central BC interior with my wife and our three kids – the latest arrived in early December.

I am in the process of completing two books. The first, is the story behind why and how The Wild Salmon Cycle came to be with some thoughts and ideas about changing the way we approach caring for wild salmon (parallels with material in posts on this site, however more in-depth). I am self publishing and releasing this book in February/March 2010 and hitting the road to market and sell (let me know if I should be coming to your community)

The second is my journals from the ride. I have anecdotes and stories from the ride in the first book; however, the journals are a raw account of my emotions and experiences through the three years that it took to finish the trip (I originally planned to be done the ride in six months).


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  1. John Collier

    Have you sold any books yet? We have an author here who has written three books now about life in the northern interior of BC. I think she found a publisher. Anyway, self-publishing is certainly a good way to go. I envy you your trek. Travel first, get married later! I did it the other way around. ;<)
    David, would you care to place a link to me on you website? I need to get my site publicized. John C

  2. salmon guy Post author

    thanks for the comments John.
    No books sold yet… current one is with editor at the moment. Been an enjoyable process. Planning to continue with several more.
    And, yes, I’ve been blessed. Have had some fantastic travels; and no shortage of stories to tell kids. And now I’ve got a great family — and we still hope to keep some traveling stories building.

    I’ve linked you in my blogroll – and I’ll let you know I certainly get some traffic from your site as well. Thanks for that. Not sure if you’ve registered with The Tyee, the online newspaper. They have a BC Blogs section. http://thetyee.ca/BCBlogs/
    it’s a pretty simple registration process. I don’t get a lot of traffic from there; however I tend to leave some comments on some of their stories with a link to this blog.

    Keep up the posts. Great stuff. And please stay in touch. Would be great to connect up once the book is done and i’m on the road.

  3. David Lowen

    RE: photos-dave-1.jpg

    Could I have permission to use this photo for non commercial purposes. I am writing my memoirs for my family and had previously been in this part of BC.
    If so, do you have a higher resolution, i.e, 300 dpi, that you could send me?
    My contact is alburgoyne@shaw.ca

    Al Burgoyne

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