This past week the Pacific Salmon Commission “updated” its in-season Fraser sockeye forecast — three times. We’re now up over 35 million total return to the marine areas.

In the spirit of being on the road the last week and a bit, I figure maybe the salmonometer is maxed out:



The Province newspaper also ran an article in the similar spirit of earlier posts here… “we just don’t know…”

Salmon experts know less than they thought

Interesting quote from near the end of the article:

Obviously, the commission should be able to reconfigure sockeye management more effectively if it first has a better understanding of the science behind the species.

That process appears to have been a bit of a schmozzle… it also appears to be the realm of a few select individuals…(some with some very strong opinions, which does beg the question of the great “objectivity” of science…)

Thus, I’m not so sure about the “obviousness”… nor the timelines imposed upon this reconfiguring… and the fact that Justice Cohen is at this moment out on the road ‘hearing from the public’.

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The changing/growing Fraser sockeye forecasts this past week have been at quite a rate. Growing from 25 million to 30 million to 35 million suggests a growth rate of about 8000 salmon per hour:

Salmonometer II

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